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Literatura Catalana
Si fossis terra creixeria en tu
i llevaria fruits d'una rara dolcesa;
seria fidel als camins que et solquen la pell
i als rius secrets que et travessen l'entranya.

November 2008
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helenicglauc [userpic]
About Catalunya

To all the visitors who don't know Catalunya:
I belongs to a little country of Europe which hasn't own state. This country is Catalunya, its language is Catalan. We're six million people.
You can hear to great musician Pau Casals in the ONU speaking about Catalunya in 1971:

Pau Casals


This is one of those moments that to any Catalan, with a minimum of historical memory, feels how all the hairs of his skin get up.

Thanks for posting this.

If only there were more people like him; someone who is respected with the courage and dignity to stand up in front of the world and proclaim our existence as a nation and a people.

és millor dit així:

To all the visitors who don't know about Catalunya. I belong to a little country IN Europe which is currently not an independent state. Our country is called Catalunya and our language is Catalan. We have about six million people. You can hear Pau Casals, a great musician, talking about Catalunya at the ONU in 1971 by going to the link below.

m'encanta la teva pagina.

hello. :)